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Bison roams in Bozeman, Montana

Exceticed for "Brando" the larger than life sized American Bison Sculpture. He is enjoying the good company of the many guests at the Element Hotel. The bison was created for a client who's home is at high altitude. I was not able to create and deliver the piece before winter struck. The project was delayed due to a late start on the deposit and even more impactful was the the loss of my welding workshop.

I rallied and my good friend at the ,Sore Elbow Forge, rented me a space in his parking lot to do my welding. So I moved all of my metal and equipment to the parking lot. I worked like mad while my kids where at school in order to beat the cold weather and the snow. Every day I dragged the welder and the plasma cutter out from the building and worked as fast as could. SOme days warm some days not so much. It was a bit exhausting for this 50 year old lady!

Once I finished and after three of us struggled hard to load the beast onto our trailer using all kinds of creative and pretty much very dangerous methods, I was ready to instal. The workers and tow truck were ready to meet me on site. My husband and I had the trailer hooked up in the parking lot of our brewery and were ready to pull out onto the icy roads and get her done. Sanity came upon us at the last minute and we realized we should not attempt driving the dangerous canyon and the mountain roads that were all covered in snow and ice.

We backed up and parked the trailer right there at the brewery and walked away. I had to admit defeat. I did not fulfil my promise of having the piece installed before winter and I returned to deposit to the client - a first for me.

Now I own a giant bison, who I adore.

My lovely friend who manages the ELement Hotel noticed, Brando, strapped to his trailer and tucked aside at the brewery . She invited him a place of pride at the entrance of the Element Hotel. I am grateful. We will see where the big guy ends up some day... I am glad he is there putting some smiles on faces.

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