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Ghost Ranch Retreat

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I had a very good time at a painting retreat hosted by

The week long event was at the Ghost Ranch, near Santa Fe, NM. The special place that Georgia O'keeffe spent most of her career. We were about dozen women all trying to paint this dramatic landscape.

I was very fortunate to have my awesome sister with me on the this adventure. We found more than few things to laugh about.

We saw more bad art than I ever knew could be in one place. Santa Fe is really amazing. We did find some great art within that wild mess of galleries stuffed with art work.

We were lucky to be able to go see, Moew Wolf, that was very cool.

We made our own bad art out in the field - I sold some roadside "Fresh Art".

I met some fun friends in the town. It was an amazing time.


Snail Art ❤️

Roadside sale of "Fresh Art".

Boring attempt at a painting. The real thing is just so pretty! Fun to see all the ladies painting in the background.

We spent more on shipping for our cool bad art purchases.

Little friend


Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch

Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf Portal.

Meow Wolf

Ojo Caliente Spa hot pots.


Future headquarters of United Nations Santa Fe.

Dianne in Ghost Ranch beanie!

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