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Studio Party

The Studio Party was fun. Many old friends came and many new friends were made. It was intense to open up my work space new people. This is the first time I have had a work space nice enough to invite people into. More space a public location heat and running water. Before this I made it ten years in garage stall with a small heater and no running water. It was rough.

Being able to invite people to my work space is adding a new dimension to my practice. I still have enough room to work in my dangerous dirty sharp welding side and my messy crowded painting side, but also have a clean patch where people with nice clothes can exist without threat to their existence.

It is nice to share the creative making space. To be in there with clients discussing works and new ideas feels really good. It helps us all be part of the process.

This is the old shop. It treated me well for more than ten years. I produced a ton (actually many tons) of work from here.

This is the nice new shop which includes some comforts.

New Shop full of lovely ladies !

This is the dirty sharp welding side with a great garage door to work out of. It even has the luxury of water to put the random small fires!

The nice painting area with my lovely assistant, Quinn.

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